What is a Presentation Video?

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A presentation video is an incredible tool. Those watching it are seeking information about you, your service or product. If they’re watching it, it means something attracted them to it, and now they’re looking for answers to some of their questions, seeking to remove doubts and find assurance.

Even with the advantage of their curiosity, you still need to make sure there are no mistakes. If there are, you might lose a deal, a client (or a circle of clients) or even a potential investment.

A presentation video can be posted on your website, shown on a display monitor in your store, played during a presentation in a conference room, looped as a direct marketing piece, and many other ways. Therefore, it needs to be well thought through. Always try to think as the most doubtful viewer, so that in creating your video, you can convince them the product or service you’re creating is the most worthy. Even if they’ve heard about you, know your product, tried it or currently use it, this video is your chance to encourage them; to pat their shoulder and give them assurance that the choice they’ve made or are making is the wisest one.

Since the viewer is already interested in seeing this piece, presentation videos will usually be more detailed. With this, it’s not about the short length you have to deal with in a TV commercial. It’s not about placing an online ad and trying to stand out from dozens of other spots. This is show time! This is where you can explain, demonstrate and show how things work. A presentation video would be the last step before the viewer makes up their mind.

On the other hand, the fact that you have your viewer’s attention doesn’t mean the video should be lengthy. It should be straight to the point, concentrated and detailed.

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