Say you just found a product online that you’d been seeking for sometime. You’re probably very happy!

But does that mean you’re ready to purchase?

Will you give your credit card number just like that?

Unless it’s a known brand name or a recognized company, probably not. 

First, you’d like more information about the product or service, followed by more information about the company that produces it. 

And moments before the purchase, you want to be sure your transaction is safe and secure, and that you will receive your product, and on time.

At Vision Movies, a Miami Video Production, we work with many different clients from all industries. We identify their needs and their target audience, and help them craft a unique and exciting message, that encourages prospects to take action and contact them. Eventually, it turns into ROI.

Throughout our 15 years in business, we’ve produced hundreds of corporate videos in Miami, Los Angeles, and many other areas throughout the US.
Vision Movies has created corporate videos for a wide variety of clients ranging from start-ups and small size businesses, to long-established businesses like Revlon, Amazon, and Absolut. We produce content ranging from commercial and promotional videos, crowdfunding and event videos, educational and legal videos, music videos, non-profit videos.

From conception to completion, we create polished, top-quality content produced to captivate your audience. Our top notch creative team of writers, directors, cinematographers, and editors work with you to make the video production process as enjoyable, and budget-friendly. But most importantly, the results are shocking: More viewers spend a long time watching the content, more take action and reaching out, and more convert into paying customers.

Our mission is to help you tell you stories in a unique and creative way, by producing visually striking and engaging narratives, and stunning corporate video products.