You are currently viewing Why you must have a video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Why you must have a video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter?

Why you must have a video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitte?


Today, people watch a lot of video content online. The average person watches around 100 minutes of videos a day, and one third of all online activity is spent watching videos. These statistics are the reason why video marketers generate revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers. According to Forbes, it is estimated that about half a BILLION people watch videos on Facebook per day. 

Posting your video to social media platforms is good, but understanding how each platform works can help you maximize your rewards from the process. In this post I will share the ideal ways to upgrade your video for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


If you are selling a product or service to a local or global market, using social media platforms can give your business the boost it needs, and give you a new way to communicate with your audiences, new or pre-existing ones. Whatever you provide, a video can get attention incredibly fast, and create a desire to learn more about your product or service.


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Facebook has over 2.6 billion active monthly users, Instagram has over 1 billion, and Twitter  has 330 million active users on their platforms.. Each of these platforms should be approached differently, as each has different audiences, limitations on video durations, and standards.

So, Why do 64% of customers buy a product after watching a branded social video?

That’s because a video is eye-catching, entertaining, and can get across a message very quickly.

Lets go over the importance of social videos, and the reasons behind why shorter videos create more engagement.

Effective Social Videos get the viewer’s attention and generate a desire to learn more about the product or service. These videos’ main purpose is to tease the viewers to go visit your social media pages, your landing page, or your website. Social videos generate 12 times more shares than text-posts and images combined. The better your video, the higher the chance that people will share it with others, and start gaining you more followers. If your video content is interesting, more people will follow you, share your posts, and this will allow you to introduce more products, promote them, and sell them.

So let’s discuss the following three major platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Facebook is the current king of social media, standing tall at 2.6 billion active users, with at least 1.6 billion of them using Facebook on their mobile devices. The average Facebook user has about 155 friends on the platform with which they interact on a regular basis; however, while many people do have a Facebook account, about 65% of users are 35 years old or older. This means that when you are creating a video targeting a Facebook audience, you do not need to be cool and hip with the kids – you can create videos that are a little slower.

Videos on Facebook are limited to 240 minutes (4 hours) runtime. While you can create a long video, you should aim for a video that isn’t longer than around 2 minutes. Studies show that videos between 15-120 seconds are the most engaging. Another thing to consider is that most viewers (around 85% of them) watch the video without audio, which means that a visually interesting video will attract more viewers and engagement. If you include someone speaking in your videos, make sure to include subtitles at the bottom of the video.


Instagram is a little different than Facebook. With over 1 billion active users, it is one of the most popular and biggest players in the social media arena. Instagram has a different audience. The biggest audience on Instagram is 24-34 years old, and the second biggest is 16-24 years old. Over 100 million videos and images are uploaded daily to this platform, and the average user spends around half an hour a day on the app. While hundreds of millions of images are uploaded daily to the platform, videos are getting twice as much engagement.

On the Instagram feed, you can upload videos of up to 1 minute in length. However, recently Instagram introduced IGTV, which allows you to upload longer videos, which have different limits depending on the device you are using to upload the videos from: 15 minute for cell phones, 60 minutes for computers. Here as well, there is a gold zone: 10-60 second videos on Instagram create the most interaction. Videos posted to Instagram can be very appealing to their target audiences; use animations, bright colors, and creative titles. If you have some pre-existing videos, you can fit them to Instagram as well, by shortening them and adding more vibrant colors or splashes. 


Twitter is a popular platform as well, sitting at around 330 million active users. Its main audience is a little different then both other platforms, with most users being between 18-29 years of age. 

Today on Twitter, there are about 1.2 billion video views per day, which is twice as much as a year ago, and video tweets attract 12 times more engagements than text tweets. Something to remember is that here as well, about 92% of videos are watched without sound. The video length you can upload is up to 140 seconds (i.e. two minutes and twenty seconds). In order to gain the most engagement, use images, animations, and any other ideas you have to increase engagements. 

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