If you’re looking around the social media landscape now, you’re probably noticing that video’s already taking over your newsfeeds a few years ahead of schedule. It’s not just video sites like YouTube, either. Facebook and Instagram are focusing more on video, especially with Stories and IGTV rapidly growing in popularity.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn are also developing more options for video, because it’s the way audiences expect and want to receive content.

Customers are watching video, and if you want to catch their eye with your messaging, you can’t afford to neglect video marketing for your business.

That said, marketing with video on social media can seem scary, especially when you’re a small business. You’ve got so much on your plate already…

Fear not! Vision Movies is here to help!

At Vision Movies, we create Social Videos for Miami and Miami Beach areas.

We craft visually striking and engaging digital assets for world famous brands. 

Video production services is our main focus, but we also have great understanding of marketing and social media advertising. Clients contact us with wide range of projects, that we execute from A-Z: We develop, produce, edit, and – even post them! Social Media videos can help and be used in different ways, such as a web commercial, a brand or product video, a Kickstarter campaign video, or a short form video content.

Fun, short, and straight to the point is our expertise. We know how to engage your audience and we craft video campaigns specifically for your needs. This is why it works. Over and over again. We saw results with fundraising, sales, and growth in followers and online engagements,

So if you need a social media video in the Miami area, you’re in luck! Contact us and get your online video going.