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DOUBLE your Website’s traffic & attract NEW customers!

DOUBLE your Website’s traffic & attract NEW customers with videos!
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By Jacob Omer BarSadeh

Video on Social Networking sites and Video Posting sites are quickly becoming THE primary online destination for everyone. It’s been reported that 82% of internet viewers watch videos online and 52% of web traffic is video based. Are you losing half of your customers by not using video? We will will show you how and where to use Video to bring you NEW business. And the best part is that video attracts new customers 24 hours a day, every day!

What types of videos should I make?

There are many types of videos you can produce for these sites. Think like your target audience … what would they like to know about your company? What would build their confidence in you and your company?

If you have general marketing videos or corporate branding videos, post those. In fact, any videos that you have for your business that are interesting or engaging should be posted. More is better in this case. Having more content will increase the chances that the audience will connect with you.

Other popular video types are product demonstrations, FAQ help, a tour of your facilities, new product teasers or a video catalog of your products with detailed product information. Also, you can show your human side and compassion by posting videos that show your company’s community involvement, demonstrations of your expertise or talent, funny or entertaining events at your company or the process that you use to develop products.

What sites are there to post Videos on?

YouTube is the big player. They own 64% of the video marketplace. But, you still need to utilize all the Video post sites like FaceBook, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Metacafe etc.

These sites bring you real, qualified traffic that paid advertising cannot. Roughly 10 to 20% of the traffic that sees your videos will go to your site or use links that you provide. Of these visitors, 10 to 15% will take action… buying from you or calling you.

These visitors buy from you because of the credibility that the video content gives your business. The relationship your are building with these customers grows with each exposure to your expertise or message. And that means sales grow with it.

How do I post to the Video to these sites?

Posting videos to multiple Social Networks and video sharing sites on can be time consuming if you do it one upload at a time. We recommend using a Video Distribution service. They all offer different types of distribution and added value services and tracking. One is sure to be right for you. Most offer some sort of analytics so you
can track your traffic and results. Check out their sites for complete breakdowns of the services they provide.

Here are the most commonly used services:
• The favorite is They give you basic, free online “Video Syndication” across all of the video sharing sites. Full featured, Premium services are also available.
• is a mass distribution service that is a “pay as you go” service.
• is simple and just distributes your video across your personal Blog, website and social network profiles.
• In youTube you can do quick, simple video distribution by simply clicking the social network icons under your video.

We hope that this has given you some insight, help and inspiration to go after your audience. This investment in your business is a process you build on. Patience and perseverance will pay dividends into the future.
If you need any further advice or help with your Video Production needs, feel free to contact us anytime!!!

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