How To Create a Testimonial Video That Makes You Money?

How To Create a Testimonial Video That Makes You Money?

Whatever you might be selling, there is always one big question you have to ask:


How do you make sure people buy from you and not from your competition?


One of the most powerful tools that currently exists on the market is the Testimonial Video! 


From my experience using testimonial videos, either for my clients or for my own companies, I can tell you this with certainty: a testimonial video will help you close the deal and make you money. AND, the best part about it is that it doesn’t need to be totally professional. You can make it all by yourself.


In this video, I take you on a journey to see how I create testimonial videos – including the actual end product. Go check it out!


There are many different ways to create a testimonial video. You can pour hundreds of hours into crafting the perfect, professional, high-end video, however, the most important factor of a good testimonial video is that it must be genuine. A genuine video lets the viewer see the actual positive experience a customer had with you. A good testimonial video will create high credibility, answer customers’ questions, and generate incentive to do business with you.

This blog will teach you how you can make your very own testimonial video with the resources you have. First and most important – the content of the testimony itself. While the testimony is genuine, it is important to choose the best interviewees and prepare the right questions that will lead the testimony. A good testimonial video has three components:

  1. Identifying your client needs and choosing the right story.
  2. Describing the process while answering questions and objections.
  3. Sharing the success and sparking a desire.
  1. Identifying your client needs and choosing the right story

Let’s imagine you are an eye doctor. Your patients might be very scared – if something goes wrong, they could lose their sight. In this case, you will want to choose someone who was in a similar situation, probably someone who was very fearful before coming to you for the first time. Have them start by sharing their initial fears, before meeting you, and then talk about all of the virtues they found working with you. This will help the viewer sympathize with them and let them know they are in good hands.

Make sure you choose an interviewee that looks good, is fun to watch, is an expressive and engaging person.

Again, you can get an example of me going through this process here.

  1. Describing the process while answering questions and objections.

Plan your questions.

The actual video is going to be multiple segments of interviews put together. It is very important to prepare and stick to questions you have prepared before the interview. Start with a question similar to “What problem did you have before you reached out?” and then let them talk for a while. Let the interviewee describe their whole process, including their fears or concerns, how they found you, the first contact conversation, the process of working together, the result, and their overall impressions. Let them describe everything.

  1. Sharing the success and sparking a desire

Finally, the testimony should include a description of the result and the impact it had on your client’s life. If the viewer sees the genuine satisfaction your customer had experienced with your business, most likely he/she will want to see if you are truly as good as the video claims you are, and check for themselves. 

Let me give you an example with my testimonial video to Vision Movies, my Miami Video Production company. I carefully chose three clients with three different stories. Those three highlighted different angles of my business, and can reflect different potential clients. 

Mark from Live Ultimate, high quality nutritional supplements and beauty company, wanted a branding video to share their story. Mark had bad past experience with another video production company, and so he was very hesitant when he contacted me. Mark ended up making 10 videos with me over the next year. 

Jonathan, from Lokation, a real estate company that recruits agents over the internet, found me online and over the next 7 years we produced several videos.

Rachel, who was running for commissioner in North Bay Village, wanted an introduction video to raise money for her campaign. I chose her because it was a more unique type of video.

If you would like to just see the testimonial video I made, you can find it here. You are encouraged to watch the video from the beginning to see the whole process.

Thanks for reading and watching!


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Thank you for reading and watching!


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