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Vision Launches Gripper Edge campaign for Home Depot

Vision Film and Television Production is proud to present its new video campaign for HomeDepot point-of-sale and online store throughout the states: The future of carpet installation Gripper edge. Vision has released “Gripper Edge” video as a sensational phenomenon about the future of carpet installation tool. 

The video shows how to get rid of those old-fashioned methods which require a lot energy and money, and replace it with the new product. Now you can install a carpet without worrying about price and time consuming techniques. Gripper Edge provides a permanent solution to install your carpets in a perfect way and that is cost effective.The video also focused on the installation process and benefits of the Gripper Edge. Gripper Edge makes carpet installation process simple as you install it without the use of any special tools: Just peel and attach it to the substrate. Gripper Edge can be installed on concrete, terrazzo, and ceramic, vinyl, wood and even steel. Moreover, you can install it anywhere you want to like such as under closets, cabinets or in the rooms where fastening of nails was difficult task as shown in the video. Gripper Edge comes with a lifetime warranty and ensures that the carpet installation job will last for a long period of time.
Just like with Gripper Edge, Vision – Film and Television Production provides video production services in South Florida and is the leading when it comes to creative video campaigns. Vision is helping small and medium size businesses start and grow using the power of video. If you’re looking for a Video Production Fort Lauderdale, give us a call today.

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