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By Jacob Omer BarSadeh for Vision Film and Television Production

We all know that video is becoming the most powerful tool to deliver information. In a short time the viewer sees images, hears sounds and voice-overs, and reads titles that all deliver a message. But above all, a well made video has an amazing advantage over print or still images: they convey an experience.
The viewer feels, laughs, cries, gets scared, or falls in love.

Whether it’s a service or a product you want to sell or promote, video is your best tool.

If you are looking to create a marketing video, use these tips to achieve the best results:

樂威壯 trong>1. Identify your target audience:
By knowing who you’re after, you’ll be able focus on a campaign that appeals directly to them. If it’s children, create a fun, childish spot; women – go for the heart; men – through exciting adventures!

2. Find where your audience is hanging out:
Is there a TV channel they’re watching? A blog they’re following? A forum? A website? By identifying their hang-out place, you can reach more of them, and deliver a direct message – specifically for them.

3. Create a memorable piece:
Tell a story that your audience will remember. By doing so, you’ll create a conversation in your target audience community. Think about it: what are the videos you remember? The funny one, the dramatic one, the different ones.

4. Don’t compromise quality:
To make an impact, a great idea is not enough. Telling a story is hard work and often requires professional help. You may know who you’re after and where to find them, you might even have an amazing idea – then choose the right people to help you make it happen! The right team can make your vision a reality. If your video looks bad or misses the point – no one will pay attention to it… So don’t compromise the quality of the video.

That’s it! You’re all set! Producing your spot can and should be fun – so get started!

To get professional advice, and for more tips, visit Vision Film and Television Production, the leading
production company for small and growing businesses!

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