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“No Strangers” Review – Annanberg – Space For Photography

Many times, we’re caught up with things that are extremely important to us: make money and feed our family; lose weight; run errands; drive places; buy clothes; learn new skills; make more, get bigger, pay less…

In the daily-life-chaos we often forget who we are, why we’re here,  or even just simply ask those questions.

In the new photography exhibition” No Strangers ” at the Annanberg Space For Photography, photographers and artists come together with a marvelous presentation of what original life and culture is. 

After spending time long enough to become a part of a community, the artist were able to capture unique moments like never seen before. The colors, the smells, the routines and traditions, the environment, weather, pets, and foods.

In the group of 24 unique artists you can find Wade Davis, Chris Johns, Lynn Johnson, Steve McCurry, Randy Olson, Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher, and many more. The beauty is that each has its own story and point of view…

But the show raises another important question: How does modernism affects the world?
By spending time, reading and learning about it, I understand now that all people are build almost the same, with slight (0.05%) d威而鋼 ifference in DNA structure. This difference is the skin color, height, and physical structure mostly.

The exhibition introduces fascinating rituals and traditions, helping the people get by, live life, hunt, love, spiritually connect. By looking at them I asked myself one question: Are we really that different?…

The modern world is taking over, and little by little those cultures disappear. The beauty, innocence, and nature…

Go and see. It’ll move and inspire you – that’s a guarantee! Oh, and don’t dare leaving without seeing the extraordinary film. It’s breath-taking.

Omer BarSadeh

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