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Today, if you don’t have a video, you’re behind your competition. But if you didn’t get your viewers attention in the first 5 seconds, you lost a sale. 
Vision is proud to introduce its new feature: Take-Action Video Campaign.
Now, not only we create beautiful videos, we actually make them work for our clients.Take-Action videos are the ones that viewers see and react to: Liking your page on Facebook; Clicking on a link that leads to a landing page; or even clicking and buying directly from you.
And this is where Vision’s creativity comes to play. After testing multiple channels, we created this powerful tool. We’re making sure thousands of local, potential clients see the video, interact, and guarantee lead-generation results. 
Here’s an example for a video we created. It’s targeted for women, 20-55yo in Fort Lauderdale area. At the bottom, there’s a link to a Spa Giveaway. Test it for yourself, and see if you would click it the link to get more information:

While many business owners work around the clock to bring in some business, our videos work for them. They allow our clients to work less, while making more money. So they work less, stress less, and spend more quality time with their families and things they like.
We all know that videos are the most powerful tool: They’re exciting so people watch them, and they deliver a message in the shortest time, creating a really powerful impact.
How do we do that? We’re building a strong campaign which includes a powerful teasing video that gets the audience to click a link. Then, we’re creating even more powerful message that gets them to give their information. These hundreds of new hot leads are going straight to the business, that follows up and closes sales.We work with Google, Facebook, linkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other platforms, to track and ensure we’re reaching the right target audience for our clients.
Vision, Fort Lauderdale video production company, is taking the lead in creating successful video campaigns and proving once again how powerful videos have changed the game.
Videos are a necessity for every business today, but not every business owner is the right fit to create one and turn it into success. If you’re curious to see if your business can benefit from this innovative approach and how much growth it can gain, contact us at  

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