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Create Your YouTube Video in Four Easy Steps

Today, people are watching a lot of video content: hundreds upon hundreds of hours of videos are watched daily on the internet. Most people are looking for an answer or solution to their problems, and their first stop is YouTube. If people see your video, and it is high quality, there is a good chance they will stick around to watch other videos, share them, and even subscribe to your channel. If you are not a professional video producer, and your video doesn’t look as sharp, smooth or fast as other videos, people will leave. However, with few easy steps you can upgrade your videos to be fun, engaging and beneficial.

In this blog, I’m showing you how to create a high quality video that will engage your audience. Here are 4 easy steps on how to create a YouTube video all by yourself.


Watch the full video with examples here:

First, I will cover the Concept – how to define the subject of the video. Next comes the Script, which determines the flow of the video from start to end. Third, I will review what is important when Filming your video, and lastly, how to Edit your video, and prepare it for posting.

1. Concept

Before you even start making the video, you need to define what you are going to talk about. People are looking today for specific solutions online. They might find you on Google, Yahoo, or YouTube, looking for videos with the solution they need. If your video gives that person the perfect solution, they might share it with other people having the same problem.

One of the best ways to determine the perfect title and concept for your video would be to go on Google and punch in your subject. Google will autocomplete the phrase for you. Through this tool, you can see the most common questions that people type in and are related to your topic. Use that as an indicator to what people are looking for and how you can answer their questions in your video.

2. Script

Whether you write out a full script or only bullet-points, this step is very important, as it will help create a flow and the structure to the video, which will help people follow along at an easy pace. By the end of this step, you will have an outline for your video that will guide the presentation of the information, connecting the dots at the end.

In this video on my YouTube channel, you can get two examples of scripts – one is good, one is bad. Take a look.

How long should my video be?

I get this question a lot, and this should be decided during this step of developing the script. Imagine you are about to watch a video. First, you look at the length, which helps you decide whether to watch it now, later, or not at all if you don’t have the time. However, research found that the length is not an indicator, and people stick for the whole video – if it is INTERESTING. As a content creator, it is your goal to make the video as interesting as possible. A strong structure shows the viewer there is a flow and captures their interest with hints of what to come. If you start your video with a list of what will be talked about, the viewer will understand how many steps are left, and that helps keep them engaged. And, it doesn’t matter if you have a YouTube channel you’re trying to start, or have a business of products or services you’ll talk about.

Here is a very simple example of a structure for a video. 

A. Introduction. Introducing yourself and the topic.

B. Sub-points. Shortly mentioning the points that will be covered.

C. In depth explanations on sub-points. Elaborate on each sub-point.

D. Ending / Summary. Thank your viewers, link your website and add contact information.

To help you out, I created a free worksheet you can grab here that will help you plan out a structure for your video.

3. Filming

I created a whole video on how to film a video using your smartphone, and you can find it here. I encourage you to watch that video, so I will just give you the elevator pitch for it: make it look bright, nice, and inviting and make sure to have a good microphone.

4. Editing

The human mind can process a lot of information at once from reading, watching, and listening, all at the same time. All these can be used in a video, and still have the viewers capture all the information they need. 

Other than editing the footage you’re filming into a coherent video, visual elements, sound effects and a voice-over can be used as pacing elements. The more pacing elements you use, the better the video will feel. Adding royalty free photos and footage, titles, logos -these can all make your video more exciting and help move it faster.

A couple of websites that can really be useful at this stage are Envato and Fiverr. Envato provides you with an entire catalogue of royalty free footage, images, and audio tracks. Fiverr is a platform where you can hire people to help you create your content – from editing the video to making a logo for you, voice over, and everything in between. 


Another way to enhance your video is to use music. Preferably, you do not want to use a music track during the whole YouTube video; it might be distracting for the viewer. However, you can bring in a few tracks for segments if you feel it helps emphasize something in the video.

Sounds Effects

Sound effects can have a great impact as well. Adding a little effect on your logo or intro, when you bring in a title, or talking about something that a sound effect will emphasize, can help engage your audience.

So this is it. Now know how to make your own quality YouTube video in just a few simple steps.


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Thank you for reading and watching!


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