DeliverLean started in South Florida as a high quality healthy meals distributor. You could order a meal from them in three counties and have it delivered to your doorstep. Since then, DeliverLean expanded their reach, and nowadays are able to deliver food all over the state of Florida, producing millions of meals a month. DeliverLean delivers food to airports, schools, hospitals, and individuals.

After DeliverLean started working with the Florida hospital community, they realized there is a special population of seniors in need that could benefit from their meal plans. This service evolved into DeliverLeanCare. Humana and Care+ Insurance chose DeliverLeanCare to help distribute meals to seniors who either suffer from chronic illnesses or are discharged from hospitals.

DeliverLean is always taking food and health safety very seriously. Every individual who works in their facilities must first walk through a footbath, to kill off any bacteria that their shoes might have picked up. DeliverLean also makes sure that all workers wash their hands, wear masks, gloves, and full body protection. 

But once the COVID19 pandemic hit, DeliverLean added even more extreme measures of safety. Now, upon arrival at the facility, every single person’s temperature is taken, and if they have traveled within the past two weeks, or came into contact with anyone who did, they are sent home. This is when we, at Vision Movies, a Miami video production was called to cover the new updates. This is when we, at Vision Movies, a Miami video production was called to cover the new updates. You can watch the video here:

To top all that, DeliverLean also added CryoVac technology to their platforms. Every meal is now vacuum sealed – CryoVac’d – which means every meal is contaminant free, and has a shelf life of up to fourteen days. This allows DeliverLean and DeliverLeanCare to ship their meals all over the state of Florida.

DeliverLean takes their responsibility to make their food as safe as possible very seriously. Their goal is to make sure everyone can get food if they need it. Seniors who need meals go, and everyone who wishes to customize their meals through DeliverLean can go to

The Coronavirus has changed everyone’s life. DeliverLean is honored that the state of Florida has reached out to them for help in this time of need. DeliverLean has dedicated themselves to work around the clock to make sure all their freshly-made, nutritious, and safe meals are delivered contact-free to the homes of everyone who needs them.

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      Great! Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and watching!

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      Great! Glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and watching!

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