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How To Market Your Business With Video

We all know that video is becoming the most powerful tool to deliver information: in a short time the viewer will see images, hear sounds and voiceover, and even read titles that all
deliver information.

But above all, a well-made video has an amazing advantage in delivering the message:
creating impact through an experience. The viewer feels: laughs, cries, gets scared, falls in love, etc.
Whether it’s a service or a product you want to sell or promote, video is the best tool to use.
If you are about to create a marketing video, use the following tips to achieve the best results:

  1. Identify your target audience: by knowing who you’re after, you’ll be able to focus a campaign that will appeal to them. If it’s children, create a fun, playful spot; women – through
    the heart; men – through exciting adventures, or even a pretty girl!
  2. Find where your audience is hanging out: is that a TV channel they’re watching? A huge blog they’re following? A forum? A website? By identifying their hangout place, you can reach more of them, and deliver a direct message specifically for them.
  3. Create a memorable piece: tell a story your audience will remember. By doing so, you’ll create a conversation in your target audience community. Think about it: what are the videos you remember? The funny one, the dramatic one, the truly unique ones?
  4. Don’t compromise quality: to have a great impact, having a great idea is not enough.
    Telling a story is a difficult task and often requires professionals. So you know who you’re after and where to find them, you even came up with an amazing idea – now, make a big effort to execute it well. If your video looks bad or just misses the point, no one will pay attention to it. If it looks good though, you can create a very memorable impact! Don’t compromise the quality of the video!

That’s it! You’re all set! Producing your spot can and should be fun, so go and start!

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