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Life Of Pi or Pi(e) Of Life?

Life Of Pi or Pi(e) Of Life?
I was excited seeing the movie “Life Of Pi,” as I’m a big fan of Ang Lee and admire his phenomenal ability to tell a one-of-a-kind story and deliver in a colorful, esthetic and artistic compositions. Walking in the theater, I could feel the buzz in the audience. I heard different opinions about the film and wanted to have my own.

The lights turned off and it started. Beautiful visuals and sounds and a great, intriguing conversation that catches you from the first moment and creates an expectation for what’s to come.
Next, the journey takes off. On the surface a story about a survival of a child in the big, deep waters. In the middle of nowhere, getting closer and closer to loosing his life or loosing his mind.

I went through laughs and tears, learning about life, thinking about myself and god (which one is it, after all?) But above all, how when we – humans – are left with nothing, we appreciate life more than anything and become so grateful for every single moment we breathe and think.

In a unique way that only Lee can craft, the movie shows the growing relationship between two survivors – a tiger and a boy. At the end, the two fearful-enemies, who can not live together but nor can apart, find it hard to say goodbye. This is a great story. Painted in fantastic lights and colors.

Going home, I felt it was a very good movie. I liked it. It had humor and sadness, it had interest and joy. But something was almost missing…
And then I had a conversation about it with a friend of mine. That blew my mind. Who are we really? Who is the tiger? What if the tiger is only a symbol to our ego – a part of us?… What if all we do from the moment we’re born is just wiling to feeding our ego, that is so destructive?… How do we see ourselves throughout life challenges, and how can we eliminate our own ego and concentrate on who we really are…? And if so, how do the other players – from characters to what life brings upon us – all fit together?…
I looked at it from a deeper point of view.

Now, when people ask ME what I though about the film, I say: “I LOVED IT.”

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