Online promotional videos are excellent tools for those in the medical fields, used extensively by dentists, family practitioners, and plastic surgeons among others. When made and shared properly, a website and / or social media video can draw in thousands, if not more, of clients. 

People are afraid when they have a physical problem. It’s their body after all. By searching for a solution, they want to know they’ll be in good and comforting hands, that they will experience no pain, and that the solution will actually solve the problem. A video can answer most of their questions before they even ask, and present you and your staff as professionals who are also approachable and understanding.

Whether you use a host to talk about your clinic or lead the whole video by yourself –  there’s only one chance to make a first impression. A good medical video is the perfect solution to engage your audience, and if it’s done well, it’ll bring many patients knocking at your door. 

Online videos are not just about calling for action, but creating a lasting impression that future clients will remember. 

Below you can find two videos I created for my clients with a short description of how I’ve done it.

So here are five tips on HOW TO CREATE A MEDICAL BUSINESS VIDEO. It’ll turn it into a powerful and effective tool that can generate you a great amount of business.

Tip #1: Deliver Information

People watch medical videos to learn more about specific procedures, as well as to learn about positives and negatives of said procedure. By explaining the information, you establish yourself as an expert in the field and you are more likely to turn hesitant viewers into clients.

Tip #2: Show a Professional and a Human Side

The medical field can easily spook people, especially when things like surgery and needles are involved. Present yourself as a professional first, human second, and make sure to show your clients you understand their fear. Patients and clients who see this have better chances of coming for consolation.

Tip #3: Create Credibility

Showing and talking about real success stories connect you to your audience. By showing previous clients vouch for you in and give their testimonials on camera, you are creating a great desire to learn more about you. The experiences of the previous clients will help assure potential clients they are in good hands. Interview at least two to three patients and have them share fears they had before they met you. Have them expand more on how your approach and services helped them overcome them, and how professional you and your staff members are. Ask them to talk about the cleanliness of the clinic and special equipment that you have. Then, you can add interviews with one or two staff members, and ask them to talk about the uniqueness at your office that exists nowhere else. 

Record a large amount of footage – the more, the merrier. Even if you don’t include it all in one video, you’ll be able to create short versions of each one of them and post them separately on your website and social media. 

Tip #4: Create an Emotion

Now, that you’ve established your professionalism, it’s time to let them know that you’re human too. Share your passion with them and tell them why you chose to be the practitioner you are. Emphasize what you saw throughout your experience and why you didn’t like it, and what led you to open your own clinic in order to make it the right way. Telling an anecdote to help connect with your clients is going to be helpful. Tell them stories that emotionally affected you: how you saved lives, or how you were able to diagnose a problem no one else was able to. Now, they’ll understand what a kind person you are.

Tip #5: Make Sure the Video Looks as Professional as Possible

When your video is clean, professional, and appealing, your services are presented in the same light. If it looks choppy, low budget, unappealing, and is filled with errors, it may harm your image and drive away potential clients. Always ask yourself how you would react to this video if you were looking for medical help. 

Before filming make sure:

  1. The office looks clean (this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!)
  2. Have some fresh flowers or green plants around.
  3. Have yourself and your staff dress nice, shave, put some make up and get their hair done if needed.
  4. If you decide to film a few close up of hands holding machinery, going through a body for check up, or typing on a keyboard – have these people get their nails done beforehand. 

Remember – the more clean, aesthetic and professional the environment looks – the better impression you’ll make.

Use someone you know with a good eye for advice on how to set it up. Ask for feedback from friends and family.

At the end, give your viewers a call to action. It can direct them to click through and get to a landing page or your website, they can give you a call, or even walk in.

When all is done, upload the video to your site and social media platforms, and start seeing results!

Here’s a video we created for Ocean Therapy – a physiotherapy clinic in Fort Lauderdale. Take a look and pay attention to the details mentioned in this article.

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