How It Works

Having a video is similar to having a beautiful business card. But if nobody sees it, it has no value. We understand that you need more than just a video and this is why we create successful video CAMPAIGNS. That means that we define with you what it is that your business needs: Promotion of a new service, demonstration of a new product, or presentation of your business as a whole. Then, we come up with the perfect campaign to make sure your potential clients will see and will take action: Visit your page, like you on social media platforms and generate your data list or click a button to get your promo, buy a product or enter a giveaway.

Before we start we research, and bring our expertise to make sure your campaign is seen by thousands of your local potential customers and generates real results.

We offer different packages:

  • Production of a single video

  • Production of a main video and a shorter version for social media, to make sure people go and see the main video

  • Production of the main video, a shorter version for social media, and a teaser video to make sure people are super excited about the offer you tease them with