Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the production process?
We understand that as a business owner you know what you need, but don’t have the knowledge of how to make things, and certainly don’t have the time. Before we start working we’ll meet and identify your specific needs, and explain all that the process requires. Working with dozens of small businesses in South Florida, we’ll do the work – you’ll just have to approve each steps. That will allow you to focus on what the most important – your business.
2how long does a video production take?
It depends on the purpose of the video and what we – you and us – are trying to achieve. Usually the process takes between 14 and 35 business days.
3How much does it cost?
The cost will vary based on the kind of production we’re going for. It might be only editing of existing materials, text and logo, or a full filming production with talent and locations. Our packages start as low as $995.
4What do we guarantee?
Results. If we say we’ll get you 1,000 local users to see your video, we’ll work very hard, using our expertise and platforms to promote your business. Just like our previous successful campaigns, we’ll make sure you’re getting real results. But to show you how serious we are about it, if you’re not happy with the results – we’ll give another video – for free!
5Another company offered me a video for less…
In general, today you can use your phone to create a video. A great video campaign will get you the results you want. A bad video can actually damage your business more than do good. For example: If you’re a dentist and in your video the clinic doesn’t look flawless or clean, you might loose clients that would have come if they didn’t see the video… It’s easy to assume that making good videos and successful marketing campaigns is easier than it looks. But in fact, it takes a great deal of skill, taste, and labor to do things well. We provide real creativity, expertise and aesthetics so your business will look like the best in its industry.
6How do you make sure a campaign is successful?
We track and analyze everything. The campaign we define has its goals and we’re able to monetize views, clicks and other interactions. This is why we were voted Best Video Production Miami and Greatest Video Production Miami. Also, this is why our dozens of clients keep coming back for more.